Youth Programs

MSF is dedicated to helping our youth community stay healthy, motivated, and mobile. We provide options based on the needs of your young athlete, from general fitness to elite strength and conditioning. Check out our options below and schedule a No Sweat Intro to get started today!


Strength and Conditioning

This is our group class offering for middle and high school ages. These classes are designed to develop athleticism. Below you will find descriptions for each group. We ask that all athletes schedule a fitness assessment so that we know where to place the individual. Schedule for the classes can be found here.

Middle School Strength and Conditioning

The middle school strength & conditioning class builds athletes from the ground - up. We work on the fundamentals of speed, acceleration, agility, strength training, balance, flexibility, and conditioning. Training programs are carefully designed to be age appropriate and are adjusted based on an individual's ability. Typical age group for this class is 10 - 13 years old.

High School Strength and Conditioning

The high school strength and conditioning class develops the athleticism of your rising athlete. We will develop and build up speed, agility, strength, flexibility, and conditioning. Our training programs are designed to be age appropriate and are adjusted to an individual's ability within the training session. Typical age group for this class is 13 - 17 years old. 

Team Training

Why not develop athleticism for your entire team? Our team strength and conditioning groups are designed to address the needs of the team, creating training sessions that are sport specific. These sessions are scheduled based on the team's availability. Please have a team representative contact us for pricing and scheduling.  

Youth Fitness

Outside of strength and conditioning, we also offer a general fitness series called MSFit FUNfit. This class introduces the FUNdamentals of fitness. We will work on speed, agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength. We play student led-instructor guided games and have a lot of fun! Schedule for these classes can be found here.