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"On September 24th I walked into the gym for my first training session. I wanted to start powerlifting after having lost about 30lbs. I was soon to find out I knew nothing. My trainer Bryan started me out doing goblet squats with kettle bells, today I back squatted 100lbs for 3 sets of 5 which for me is momentous! Bryan is the best possible coach you could have! If you want to accomplish any fitness goals; Don't be scared, go see him. Left side picture was taken that first day, right side taken today. Thanks Bryan!!!"

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Meet Kaila. She attacked our 6 week challenge that we launched last month and crushed it! Her hard work and consistency paid huge dividends. 


"In 6 weeks, I lost 7 lbs and 4% body fat. I have gained confidence and 1.5 lbs of muscle."

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