Why Maryland Strength and Fitness?

Every individual is unique, and your training plan should be too. Our knowledgeable coaches devote their time to developing an individualized program designed specifically to help you reach your goals. We offer personal training, semi-private group training, and nutrition coaching, all in a comfortable and professional environment. Enjoy the privacy of our training studio and the one-on-one attention of a coach there for you.
Learn how to move properly, increase your strength appropriately, and eat purposefully. 

About the Owner

As a high school varsity athlete, Coach Bryan missed the opportunity to improve on his weaknesses in strength and speed due to a lack in education of strength and conditioning. After 4 years in the U.S. Navy and 14 years of strength training through powerlifting and weightlifting, Bryan has experienced the value in performance training.


Through his experience and education, Coach Bryan strives to pass on his knowledge to all athletes and non-athletes, both young and old.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to build confidence and strong character of our youth community by leading them through health and fitness programs that will teach them how to empower their full  genetic potential.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier youth fitness and performance facility in Calvert County so that we can lead the young people of our community to live healthier lives.

Key Advantages

Great Coaching

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Our coaches have taken the time to learn from top coaches in the fitness and performance industry. This allows our coaches to deliver the best service to you so we can help you reach your goals safely and efficiently.

Training Options

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We are located next to a county park with several walking trails. Having these options gives us the opportunity to choose various ways in which we can help you reach your goals, reducing the feeling of boredom that you can feel with certain workout routines.


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Our experience with various modalities of training has given us many tools to provide training programs tailored specifically for you which creates a more streamlined approach to meeting your goals.

Progress Tracking

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While most fitness training programs are designed with progress in mind, many do not have the means to track progress. We use the In-Body scanner to measure your progress. We'll get a monthly snapshot of your lean body mass and track the loss of body fat to make sure our program is heading in the right direction for you. 

Remote Training

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We utilize a training program app so that you can take your program with you anywhere. The app comes at no cost to you and is a way for you to continue working on your goals, even while away from MSF.